Will Google Collaborate with Huawei again?

Huawei Official
Huawei (Photo: Huawei Office)

Google and Huawei will reportedly re-establish cooperation. This makes Huawei will be able to re-use various Google applications including Gmail, Maps and Play Store.

Reporting from Gizmochina, Thursday (2/27/2020), Google plans to get special permission from the government of the United States (US) in order to partner again with Huawei.

As previously known, the US Department of Commerce last year put Huawei on the "Entity List". This makes companies unable to collaborate or use technology and software from US-based companies, one of which is Google.

The US policy makes Huawei unable to use Google's services including Maps, Gmail, and Play Store on its newest smartphones such as the Mate 30 and Mate Xs series.

So far there has been no confirmation from Google and Huawei regarding the filing of this special permit.

Huawei works hard to be a priority for developers

Huawei collabs Google
Huawei (Photo: Huawei)

Previously Huawei was reportedly developing an application ecosystem for Android devices. The company also strives to be a priority for application developers.

This Huawei effort is due to the company being unable to use Google's applications in its latest smartphone lineup. This follows a blocking by the US.

Huawei Consumer Business Group Deputy Country Director, Lo Khing Seng, said that being a priority and competing with large ecosystems such as Apple and Google was not easy. Therefore, the company offers a variety of things, including strategic cooperation.

"The challenge is more to the priority schedule, because they also have demands to develop their applications and release new features. So to be a priority, more efforts are needed," said Lo Khing Seng, Tuesday (2/25/2020).

"We have a lot to offer, including strategic cooperation. They are very welcome with Huawei, because they also have to have a plan B for changes," he concluded.

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