Tips to Eliminate the Bitter Taste of Papaya Flowers - Although it has a sweet taste, but not with papaya flowers. It's a bitter taste, making some of you may still be confused and do not know how to eliminate the bitter taste of papaya flowers when processed into a delicious processed menu to eat.

Papaya Flowers
Papaya Flowers.

Well, for that you should refer to the following tips to eliminate the bitter taste of papaya flowers:

Guava Leaf

To get rid of the bitter taste of papaya flowers, you can use guava leaves and salt. Just knead papaya flowers, add salt to taste, then let stand for 10 minutes. After the sap is reduced, rinse and boil with 6 pieces of guava leaves.


For this one method, you can use tamarind by mixing it together with papaya flowers. Then boil until the bitter taste disappears.

Cassava leaves

The last way you can do, wash cassava and papaya flowers, then boil together. This is also the most effective and practical way to eliminate the bitter taste of papaya flowers.

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