Gmail Tightens Scanning and Blocking Malicious Attachments - Gmail is a Google service that is targeted for crime and is illegal.

Gmail Security Update
Gmail Update Security.

In addition to spam, fraud and phishing, one form of crime in e-mail is an attachment file that can endanger user devices when downloaded and opened.

Because of this, Google tightened the scanning mechanism and blocking of attachments in Gmail. This will complement pre-existing features, namely spam filters and email categorization.

Quoted from the Slash Gear page, Wednesday (2/26/2020), Google believes they are able to process 300 billion attachments every week. But it needs to be underlined, the strategies hackers use, continue to develop and sometimes they develop faster efforts to improve Google's security.

Considering the volume of attachment data that Google has to process, cases like this are best handled by AI and machine learning because they can learn faster than humans, especially when involved with large amounts of data.

Google Set Up New Features in Gmail

Preached earlier, Google will introduce a new feature that allows users to easily search for email in Gmail.

The feature is the search chips or search bubble that will narrow the user's search results, and appear under the search column, as quoted by Ubergizmo, (2/24/2020).

More complete, this feature allows users to search for emails based on subject names or keywords in the Gmail search field.

Search chips will also be narrowed down by excluding things such as chat, delivery dates and whether what is searched has attachments or not.

Users can also filter e-mails that are not too important, such as calendar updates and others.

"With the search chip you can narrow your search results and quickly find what you are looking for without the need to sort out emails that are not relevant to the search," Google said.

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